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    The city of Temecula‘s slogan is:

    “Old traditions and new opportunities.” 

    I love how we represent both the new and the old, the past and the future, both allowing us to be the slogan that keeps the vision for our city.

    Though fall is officially recognized on the calendar, the sunshine never ceases to shine as though it is June–and yes, we love it still.  What keeps our seasons alive in Southern California is the traditions we keep.  Number one tradition is: Family first, and this is what I call Temecula living. Temecula Living is family, and traditions go hand in hand with that.

    It’s October and there is no scarcity of pumpkin patches from the rolling hills at Peltzer Farm to local churches, and even our Promenade Mall has recreated the essence of a pumpkin patch. The tradition of fall events are alive and well; parents are out packing babies and hold the hands of their pumpkin picking toddlers; there’s evening fun after a day of pumpkin patch perusing, and children have carved their pumpkins; mom’s and dad’s can experience a carriage ride at Galway Downs hosted by Hyde Street Massacre, that will lead you to a isolated one story home filled with all the hidden nightmares one can only imagine. The screams, pleads and laughter that the actors working at the haunted house continuously incite in frightful visitors, are the only way to enjoy October.

    Traditions are what keeps families together and memories repeating. I love where I live, and would love to share our traditions with your family too. We blog to convey what is wonderful about our community and though it is growing the small town feel is the tradition we support. I am a local independent Real Estate Brokerage, I  have found my home and my career all in one spot. Our business philosophy or why we do what we do,  is  because we feel it is our obligation to help you live a meaningful and purposeful life,  we just happen to do that through Real Estate.

    Our slogan is:

    we use Real Estate to impact our community

    Look forward to seeing you around.

    tra·di·tion – trəˈdiSH(ə)n/


    1. The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.
    2.  A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on in this way.plural noun:

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