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    In today’s business world, start-ups and small businesses all seem to have one thing in common: Zero to little marketing budget. The story seems to always be the same one, the business has a better product and are already beginning to have some sales, but there is always stalling on marketing. The excuse is one we have heard before: “Once we make x amount of money, we will begin marketing.”

    Those of you who are familiar with the show Shark Tank may have heard this one many times on the show. You get the savvy entrepreneur who takes center stage and showcases their incredible product, then comes the question of marketing–which more often than not is non-existent. So many businesses that showcase their product on the show are looking for funding, personnel, and general help to get them started on marketing, why is this always the last step?

    There is one thing to understand about this, your lack of a marketing budget is nothing but an excuse for your laziness in marketing. We are living in an incredible time for a new age of marketing; thankfully this is not the 1990’s anymore, and small businesses no longer needs to market their product on nationwide TV, ¬†or on the radio in order to be seen or heard. Starting today, get rid of the thought that your marketing will come when you are ready to go state or nationwide–you owe it to yourself as an entrepreneur, your marketing needs to start NOW.

    There are unprecedented low to no cost opportunities to get your product in front of your consumer (social media being the big one), so what are you waiting for? You need to get on your marketing the moment that you have a product, or even before you get to that point. Build momentum for your business, keep your audience engaged at all times. Think of something like Snapchat that perhaps nobody would have thought of as a marketing tool, but it has now changed the game with its “behind the scenes” look at business. Could you imagine having a product marketed and a following created before its even finalized, simply because you allowed the public in on what you were creating?

    Remove the excuse of budget from why you are not marketing, it does not apply anymore. If you are not marketing your product, you are being lazy. Even worse, the chance of your product dying will continue to go up exponentially! But who cares about that, right? Because nobody will ever know the difference. Get over your fears and excuses, and go get what is yours.

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