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    Why location is important

    You hear it all the time in Real Estate location, location, location! Location includes the city’s growing economy, safety and top ranked schools. The City of Temecula can proudly proclaim to be a soundly growing city, ranked 10 of the safest city to live in, and represents some of the top ranked school districts.

    Growing City

    Importance of being located within a growing economy

    To be located within a growing city is highly desired by families who hope to better their financial situation and provide  future stability for their loved ones. Temecula is an example of a growing city due to its high velocity of consumerism. Many factors describe a growing economy, but Temecula          thrives in  this realm. Revenue from sales tax is up 14.3% from last quarter, second only to Palm Desert within Riverside County. Businesses take note of our growth rate as they know, once they are established in Temecula, long term revenue is of a high likelihood.  This revenue is then used to benefit the city’s infrastructure and public institutions. Essentially, growth starts with the consumer and we see  the effects at a city level.


    Temecula names top 10 safest City

    There are some bragging rights to be touted. Our City takes pride in the budgetary assurance that the City will remain to keep family’s first and safety is a great part of that statement, according to the last City State address.  Families thrive when safety is found, the economy is growing and schools programs excel. Having safety as a factor in your home search encompasses factors  that your home purchase will not only provide family memories to last a life time and assurance you home will be an investment with a profitable return.

    School Districts in Temecula add Value

    The Temecula School district hosts some of the top ranked school in the district. This makes Temecula a highly sought after location to live and build family legacy. Meaning our schools, are heavily recruited by scouts from highly recognized Universities, from the academics to sports. School districts give a wide range of opportunities for your future or current student.

    Homes located in highly desired school districts typically sell for a premium. These schools reflect developed school programs, community support, and safety. These are qualities that warrant top dollar making your home a smart investment for you.

    What can you do to proactively to ensure the right home will be the right investment?  Utilize the tools and experience of a local Real Estate agent. Their time and experience will prove to be invaluable.

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