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    Relocating is completely different than moving. How do you ask? Relocating by definition is to move to a new place and establish one’s home or business there. What I am speaking about is relocating all together to a completely different state or county which can have almost the same effect.

    When I was in my early teens my parents decided to move from beautiful sunny San Diego County to Riverside County. Now mind you this was a little over an hour in distance but the change was huge. Schools, local grocery stores and restaurants believe it or not were not the same. And the Mall was a disappointment which caused severe heartache to a teenage girl.   Relocating decisions are often made because of your career or a decision to be closer to family, and the change will be huge.   What I have seen with those moving to our community is the lost feeling and the forced effort to make their new surroundings feel like home.

    If relocating is in your future a couple tasks to making a new City feel like home begins with:

    1. Make a connection with a person who knows neighborhoods, schools, and shopping, yup your very first connection in a new community should very well be a Real Estate agent. There will not be a happier person who will want to show you “the happenings” in their City. Real Estate agents sell the lifestyle and the growth happening in a community. As much as others may think that real estate agents sell the homes it really is the community. Who better to ask than someone who is likely to have sold homes in every neighborhood and who may even be able to share the growth of where the community has been and where it is going. You will know you have found a good agent if you can sense the pride of community in their conversations with you.
    2. Take a few days to stay and live with the locals. Dine at restaurants, shop at grocery stores, and search out the extraordinary of the City to help build pride of what will soon be your community.

    Below are topics you can ask when moving to a new area:

    Safety                             Hospitals/Urgent Care/Dentist

    School rankings             Child care facilities

    Shopping                       Auto purchase/public transportation

    Taxes                              Parks/Dog Parks

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