Need to sell first before you buy

    Need to sell first before you buy

    This seems to be the trend in the Real Estate world. Home Owners are ready to sell and re-purchase but how does that work? What do I do first …find my replacement home and then put my home for sale or do I put my home for sale first and start looking for my new home? All frequently asked questions in a Real Estate Market where it finds its sellers and buyers to be one in the same. If this is you, let me put your mind at ease..

    YES you can

    YES you can sell your home and move into your new home at the same time without the risk of being HOMELESS!

    Real Estate Agents have at their disposal disclosures that protect sellers and buyers when the offer is contingent on one side of the deal where selling one property is needed to purchase the new property.

    Buying and selling at the same time

    Will I be homeless?

    This is a scary thought and why many sellers are afraid to sell. I could go into great lengths of detail on how this process works, but I am pretty sure you would stop reading what was intended to be a helpful tool to brain overload. Let me provide you a little guidance in 1-2-3 order.

    1. Know what you want
    2. Know what you can afford
    3. Know a Real Estate professional who can help structure the deal to ensure you’re protected.

    As easy as it sounds it is important to know the Risks:

    • If a contingent deal is not properly written it can be troublesome for seller.
    • You also need to be made aware all of the risks before accepting a contingent offer on your home, so that you can make the most informed decision
    • It is important to work with a professional with specific knowledge and training in this area of real estate, to ensure you’re protected
    I hope you can realize it is achievable to have a smooth transition for your family buying a new home.

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