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    I have posted some beautiful homes and surely they are luxurious. Of course that can only be determined by the eye of the beholder, you may want to ask yourself: “What do you consider to be living in luxury?” Now living in Temecula for 10 years, I feel spoiled to say I live in luxury. I wake up most mornings to hot air balloons, whether they are sailing pass the view of my backyard or when I leave to start my day I am sure to find a brightly colorful balloon merrily moving along–this always brings a big smile to my face.

    Temecula has beautiful designed neighborhoods, some are highlighted with unique water features or large boulders emphasizing nature with trees; brushes and flowers that line the street making it a haven for joggers, walkers, bicyclists, that are seen in the early mornings–weekends are no exception. The air is fresh encouraging more of the healthy life style, our schools are top notch from elementary, through High School. Friday nights during football season is buzzing with high school spirit as student’s display their school colors throughout town.

    All this would not be enjoyable if not for our strong police presence which maintains our City. This allows us to continue to be named one of the safest Cities to live. And of course on top of all this we have our stunning wineries that continue to grow in notoriety. Whether it is a week day for lunch, girl’s night out, or celebrating a special occasion the wineries provide the perfect back drop for anytime of the day. Luxury living in Temecula is an all-encompassing life style.  Luxury Living in Temecula starts from the City officials who are focused on Family First, building back into the City with businesses and safety. Our homes vary in size, styles, and prices.  Luxury living is Temecula. Visit our website and see firsthand the home selections and set up a time to come and visit. We would love to be the local expert for your home search.

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