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    I wanted to continue the celebration of our freedom through summer. Our freedom is something most of us have always had, I have come to expect it just like when turning on the light switch I expect the light to come on.  The fact of the matter is that there were lives from the past, and the future that were paid for us to have the freedoms we have come to expect. By no means will I proclaim to be a historian, or can I proclaim a large military family tie, I can name two men in my family that have served: my uncle who serves with the Army and my mom’s dad who died before she was born.

    In a quick Google search I found that 40 million have served since 1776 -2012. That number seems large but it also goes back several hundred years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Armed_Forces

    Though this is a Real Estate blog I wanted to dedicate time and writing to the men and women who sacrifice their lives for mine.  I love seeing the videos of sons, moms and dads that come home to their families and tears are shed because they are home and have been missed; more importantly they live.

    Our world has had countless technological and medical advancements since 1776. And yet, we will always live in a world that requires our freedom to be protected by men and women every day.

    In my day to day life in Real Estate I know men who have served and have missed the birth and several months of their first child’s life. I know women and men whose spouses serve. I have heard some of the stories and see the tears for their missed husbands & wives that are not home for Christmas and children that miss their mom’s and dad’s for events they cannot attend because they are protecting us.

    In closing,

    When You See a Soldier

    When you see a soldier
    Be sure to shake his or her hand,
    And let that soldier know you’re grateful
    For the protection the military affords our land.

    But most of all express your thanks
    for every soldier’s personal sacrifice.
    In order to serve our country,
    They risked their entire lives.

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