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    “You may not be in love with your current situation, but you need to learn from it and be great at it” -Alesia Amodio

    Have you ever had a job that you dreaded, but had no other options? This quote from Alesia Amodio is describing what it means to be committed to that job. To get where you need to go, you must learn and develop from the situation you are in today, no matter how dismal that occupation may be, there is something to learn every single day. Also, if it is a necessity, why not be the greatest at it?

    For a lot of people, this is a cruel reality that they face daily. If you feel as if you are in a cycle of boredom, monotony or simply hate your job, then it is time to change your outlook on that position. Whether it be your occupation or another area in your life, your attitude of commitment towards it will either benefit you or tear you down. Be committed to changing your work environment. When you serve that wretched customer, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, stay committed to changing their mood by being in a peppy mood yourself. Moods are contagious and perhaps you are the only positivity they’ve encountered throughout their day. Who knows, it just might prove beneficial in making that connection to your dream job, or you’ll receive a great review which will catch the attention of your superiors. Either way, exuberating negativity is detrimental to both sides of the transaction, so stay up-beat.

    Do you often forget why you even started your job? At California Realty Experts, we train our agents weekly on the topic of reinforcing their “Why” or the reason why they entered the profession of real estate. This training allows for their commitment to their work to grow stronger and develop much deeper roots so that if a storm hits, they will not be easily swayed or discouraged to leave the occupation in which provides for their family. Remind yourself, daily, of your goals and the reasons why you do what you do. If your reason is to provide a better life for your kids, then that motivation will drive you into being the best for them and thus, keep you committed to your job.

    Stay committed. Stay hungry. Stay positive.

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