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                       Freedom. Everyone wants to be independent and free to do as they please, and one way to obtain the elated feeling of freedom is when you combine your passion with the work that puts food on your table. Nothing gives you more motivation and satisfaction than when you are positive that you are working towards your purpose. This has been my personal experience working within the realm of Real Estate as a Public Relations Specialist for a company which allows me to spread my wings, and develop the position as I see fit and within the context of my passion–which happens to be economics.

    In my opinion, the ultimate goal of a public relations specialist, is to be able to make their company’s name . In my role I am able to work towards this goal while implementing my personal strengths and interests, and whenever my interests are involved in advancing my company, I become empowered and my feeling of self-worth increases dramatically. This phenomenon is highly obtainable working in all avenues of real estate, and that is a value we hold high in our office.

    We work in an array of people from all paths of life, and everyone can convene on the fact that real estate was the right fit for their lifestyle. Busy Mom and Dads can run their successful businesses while attending soccer games and recitals, and busy professionals are able to make the transition to full time Realtor at a pace that suits their needs. At California Realty Experts, we value your time, your values and your passions, and we want to be here to ensure that you can have it all. If you are curious about what we’re all about, head over to our career page.

    But what if I don’t work in real estate? What if my passion isn’t as broad of a topic as economics? My answer to these questions is: Get creative! Figure out a way to either implement your passion into your current job or find another that will allow you to work within your passion. If you are not working where you can feel appreciated for your talents, then you are barring yourself from reaching your true potential and living a fulfilled life.

    Being an aspiring economist, I am interested in why people make the decisions they do given factors such as time and money. In economics, utility is a measure of preferences over some set of goods; it represents satisfactions experienced by the consumer of a good.  I believe in maximizing one’s utility given their resources, which essentially translates to: Making the best out every situation. If you need to work 9-5 for minimum wage, then make sure you prioritize being the best YOU during this time window so that you consistently make progress towards working within your passion. I have decided that I will treat each situation presented to me during my everyday routine as an opportunity to learn, something that I have learned by being part of a team that actively does this. No matter what amount of resources are handed to you, you can develop the optimal combination of all so that a sense of freedom can be felt.

    If your passion is your work, then you have inherently found that combination.


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