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    How do we get the best bang for our buck when it comes to buying a home, one of the largest purchases you will ever make? Whether you have purchased several homes in the past or this is your first we want to make sure we have picked the winner.

    The best way to know that you have the best value for your money is to be prepared.

    Know your budget

    (1). When I ask “are you working with a lender?” there is a bit of panic that can be sensed. Working with a lender is the most revealing aspect of where you are in the “planning of buying a home” but, remember at this stage you do not need a commitment to an actual mortgage. Working with lender is where you will find out what your family can afford. The goal is for you to know where to begin; how much a $2,000/month payment buys in the Temecula Valley. By knowing your budget an actual plan begins to get outlined.

    When meeting with your lender you are looking to find out:

    • What your down payment should be (Needs to be)
    • What your monthly payment will be
    • What possible closing costs might be (the cost of obtaining financing)

    Some buyers like to start looking first, and may even find an amazing deal yet if you don’t know your budget and are over your monthly expenses even the best deal isn’t a good deal if you can’t afford it. Know your budget And stick to it!

    Know the value of the home

    How do you know if the house you like is priced right? The best way to find out is to use the experience of a local Real Estate agent.  Your local agent will know what has sold and how long the house has been on the market, and also how rare of a home with this specific criteria really is. These three elements are good indicators for making sure you are able to evaluate the opportunity properly .

    Know that when you see the right house that you are ready to move on it.

    Once you know your budget and are confident in the home price, it is time to move on it. You have taken the right action steps to put you in the best buying position. Getting the best bang for your buck is in early preparedness.  Call or email us on being a part setting up your buying action plan.


    Here are some of our listings that can maximize your dollar’s worth:


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