Back to school …Yes it’s that time again.

    It feels like the summer just started weren’t we just celebrating the end of the school year …promotions and graduations? Now we are getting ready to prepare for 2016-2017 school year.

    Well I hope to encourage you by making sure you feel ready and prepared. Yes because it starts with you.

    It is all about preparation. It’s more than buying school supplies, school clothes shopping and registration it’s about you being ready to tackle the school year and making it the best school year ever for you too.

    First things first, go to the school website and pull up the school year calendar. The calendar has already indicated all modified days, holidays and school events. You are going to take the time to input those into your calendar. See the key to being prepared is to be organized, to be organized you need to know where your time is going. Inputting these dates allows you to be ahead of the game.

    Second is your student involved with school activities, sports or outside activities such as clubs, dance, extra tutoring anything in addition to school? If yes take the time to input those practice dates and times and any payment due dates–the school has a sports calendar as well. The importance of these dates allows reminders to yourself and your student, it allows you to prepare for transportation needs, if your student needs it, knowing the dates minimizes any surprises like” oh I forgot practice is at a different location.” If your student is old enough and has a cell phone, please make them do the same with all calendar dates.

    Third is communication, having a successful school year will take both you and your student. Talk with your student and let them know if changes come up with the schedule it is their responsibility to tell you. The most common area where I have found hick-ups to schedules is picture day and fundraisers. If your student is passed elementary school age, the details on picture day seems to disappear. This is more than about the outfit but the financial side; they will need money to take pictures, having a checkbook is still needed. Being ready for this will save you a trip back home to grab a checkbook, or taking the time to write one in the the drop-off line.

    Fourth, and my last point, is your morning routine. Now I am huge on routine and feel so strongly about it, that I believe your routine defines your current and future success. Staying on track, let’s work backwards; when does your student school day end? when does practice or other activities begin? Now you know when you students day ends, but when does it begin? because now this involves you. If you are driving your student to school, what time do you need to get up to start your day? After you drive your student to school do you head straight to work, gym, or other scheduled appointments? Make sure you know, because you will need to wake up accordingly.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am taking a big leap in effort to keep an engaging blog, not to go through the additional preparation for a successful morning routine. I am a believer in making breakfast for my student clear through high school; knowing what it will take to be ready for breakfast, and what lunch needs to be prepared. Working with your clock you’re up and ready, your student has their responsibility to be ready: homework packed, sports gear ready by door to leave, and hopefully they can sit and have a warm breakfast from you. And out you go, of course if there is more than one student and younger siblings, you will need to get up earlier : )

    The Preparation for the school year:

    • All dates inputted into phone calendar
    • Registration
    • Any required vaccinations
    • Sports physicals completed
    • Transportation arrangements if not you
    • After school care if needed arranged
    • School supplies purchased
    • Check student condition of socks and underwear (if they are now just entering middle school this could be a big deal)

    Week before school starts:

    • Grocery shopping for first week and meal plans
    • Shop for personal hygiene items:
    • Deodorant
    • Cover up for any surprise acne
    • Preparation for your daughter with feminine products
    • Scheduled hair cuts
    • Request late arrival from your business for first day of school

    Night before checklist:

    • Simple note of “let’s rock this school year!”
    • Clothes laid out on what to wear for you and your student
    • Back packs prepared and ready by door
    • Know what you’re making for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Gas in your car
    • Let your student know you will want to take pictures no surprise photo at school gate (depending on age of your student this could be embarrassing).
    • Now you can get your photos at home before you leave.
    • Let your student know it will or will not be you picking them up after school and where to meet
    • All devises are charged

    First day of school checklist:

    • Leave early the first day of school since it is always crowed and congested at intersections
    • Keep an eye out and drive extremely cautious, the police officers will be extra attentive
    • Note “let’s rock this school year!” in students back pack/lunch or by breakfast
    • End of day reminder of when, where and who will pick up after school
    • Communication on any changes ASAP

    To have the right send off we have to have the right start and the start begins way before the first day of school. I hope this helps for extra tips please see our Facebook page.


    If you are newly located to the Temecula community, we are familiar with new families moving in and needing additional insight to schools, and shopping. Please use our website to connect with us.

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